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  • BF2Hub is keeping BF2 alive

    12 Apr 2020 by ]NTRUDER

    The guys at BF2Hub are doing an outstanding job in keeping the classic BF2 action going.
    Check out their website for more information.

  • [XSYS] Sweden news archive

    11 Apr 2020 by ]NTRUDER

    Archived news items from our old WordPress site are available at web.archive.org. These range from Dec 2011 to Dec 2014.
    Follow this link to read them.

  • PR: ArmA 2

    10 Mar 2011 by ]NTRUDER

    News from Reality Studios about the upcoming Project Reality mod for ArmA 2. The dev team behind PR: ArmA 2 are answering questions from the community in this one hour podcast. Check it out!

  • Social Networking...

    6 Mar 2011 by ]NTRUDER

    Yeah, who can live without them? I’m talking about Facebook and Twitter of course. So as a result the new [XSYS] page is now connected, deep into social territory. Love it or leave it.

  • A new beginning. Again.

    6 Mar 2011 by ]NTRUDER

    Yet another design choice for the [XSYS] page. Hey, just trying to keep it fresh.

  • Page updated: SCHEDULE

    3 Aug 2010 by ]NTRUDER

    [XSYS] training/playing times added to the Schedule page.

  • Page updated: DIPLOMACY

    3 Aug 2010 by ]NTRUDER

    Added links and logos to the Diplomacy section.

  • New website launched!

    27 Jul 2010 by ]NTRUDER

    It sure has been a long time coming folks, but now [XSYS] finally have a decent place to call home :D Make sure you head over to our new forum as well (the old one crashed and burned lol). Sign up and start posting! Cheers!

  • Our server listed on dev-heaven's tracker

    13 Dec 2009 by ]NTRUDER

    Yep - have a look here. Sickboy has put together a nice tool for keeping track of your favorite ACE 2 servers. Right now 21 servers have signed up and the list is growing every day.

  • ACE 2 is released!

    7 Dec 2009 by ]NTRUDER

    The wait is over - ACE 2 is finally here! That's right, the mod that changed the ArmA community forever is back in a brand new outfit. The [XSYS] server is running ACE 2 so jump in and have some fun!

  • Tuesday Night Action!

    12 Oct 2009 by ]NTRUDER

    If you're craving some intense combat action be sure to pay the [XSYS] ArmA 2 server a visit on Tuesday nights! IP : 2302 Mumble details will be given on Join. See you! :)

  • Sorry TeamSpeak...

    1 Oct 2009 by ]NTRUDER

    The Mumble voice chat software turned out to be a really neat application. Excellent sound quality and low latency! We're sticking with it for sure :)


    18 Sep 2009 by ]NTRUDER

    We just started testing the Mumble voice chat software and it looks promising. If all checks out we will probably replace good ol' TS2 with Mumble. Or we will use both softwares side by side.

  • ArmA 2 ftw!

    15 Jun 2009 by ]NTRUDER

    These two past weeks have been pure joy for turbuIence and myself, playing ArmA 2. I recently learned that both linuxares and Kerdok are getting the game. And wrAthchild will buy it too after updating his PC wi......


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